Anti-Obama Book: Get your pre-orders in! Saturday, Nov 29 2008 

Larry Sinclair has written a wonderful book entitled “BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR: Coke, Sex, Lies & Murder?” and there are 200 signed copies available for pre-order. For those of you not familiar with Larry (look at his website), he is a regular caller on My Two Cents blogtalkradio, and he is writing about his personal experience with Obama. I’ve also been following his story for months, and it passes the smell test: details don’t change. If he sells these 200 copies, his publisher has agreed to make enough copies of the book to go mainstream into bookstores. Order here ( using paypal.


Sarah Palin is NO Anita Bryant Saturday, Nov 29 2008 

It’s clearly the media stupid.

I am all about seeing Milk, but the idea that this will somehow connect Anita Bryant to Sarah Palin in any way mind boggles me.

“I had a few friends call me up and say, ‘Wow, it’s so amazing to see Palin running as vice president because she’s beautiful, an ex-beauty queen, a mother, well-spoken and there something about her that is so reminiscent of Anita Bryant exactly 30 years ago,'” he says. “I think some people will pick up on that.”

Sarah Palin has most definitely not made anti-GLBT rights her main focus in her administration, even though in a questionnaire when she was running for Governor she placed “traditional” marriage as her 2nd highest priority.  Her main focus has been on energy and the economy.  She may have some questionable religious beliefs (her church holds “ex-gay” events–or so the left wing claims), but she isn’t going out of her way to hurt the GLBT community.  In fact, I found this comment written by a blogger on a GLBT online publication:

Chris In Alaska says:

I am a gay Alaskan who knows Sarah Palin personally. I can attest that she is pragmatic in her public administration and isn’t as black and white as she is being portrayed. I support her.

Sarah has been criticized by the left because she “didn’t really support GLBT rights” when she vetoed a bill that would have banned domestic partner benefits because it was unconstitutional.  After vetoing the bill, she put it up to a vote for Alaska.  Alaska of course voted to ban domestic partner benefits, although the legislature decided not to go any further with it.  What if the vote had gone the other way?  I believe that the biggest clue is how she reacted when it appeared that Ted Stevens had won the re-election–“I’m not a dictator.  The people of Alaska have spoken.”

In summary, while Sarah Palin is not a proponent of GLBT rights, to compare her to someone like Anita Bryant is TOTALLY uncalled for.

Natural Born Citizenship Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

The Constitution clearly states that a President must be a natural born citizen.  Donofrio’s case is scheduled to be reviewed by the Supreme Court in early December.  While we as citizens do not have control over how they will rule, what we *can* do is hound the media, especially friendly sources, with key information and help get the message out.  We *can* talk to our congressmen and request that they pose a “congressional challenge” that Obama prove he is a natural born citizen.  Remember, a person could get a Hawaiian COLB and not have been born in Hawaii.

Make sure Greta and Hannity get this latest video by storm:

Sexism and Misogyny Monday, Nov 24 2008 

PUMA PAC has mentioned the misogyny aimed at Christina Romer.  However, she is not the only one of Nobama’s economic advisors who is being subjected to sexist comments.  Instead of being interviewed on what she intends to do with the position, she is interviewed on the latest fashionable outfit she is sporting:

When asked what clothes she splurged on last year in an interview she responed, “I love a beautiful suit. Wear the entire suit and you’re professional and put together. Put the jacket on with a pair of jeans and you’re ready for a fun dinner. I also have a crazy collection of Wolford tights. They’re a small detail that makes an outfit more interesting.”

Of course, we can’t forget how this all relates to Michelle Obama:

Will Melody Barnes give Michelle Obama a run for her money in the world of fashion for the brand new washington DC power woman.  Barnes is a beauty with brains (as is Michelle) and with her appearance with Barack Obama on Monday the lawyer is now on everyone’s minds.

Melody Barnes who in 2007 was named one of Washington’s best dressed women.  She is hailed as a beauty with brains as though that is something out of the ordinary.  Her long association with Ted Kennedy makes me seriously wonder if Nobama was being “helped” by the Kennedy’s, especially in light of Ted Kennedy’s most recent offer to Hillary Clinton to chair a choice healthcare committee in the Senate.  In addition to her time at Emily’s List, she did work for Ted Kennedy for years.  Funny that.

Ted Kennedy asks Hillary Clinton to head Senate healthcare team Monday, Nov 24 2008 

The Irony abounds.  Prior to the supposed Secretary of State offer, Senator Hillary Clinton was not being given any opportunities with regards to healthcare in the senate, most especially by Ted Kennedy.  Which begs the question: what is his motive?  Obviously, he wants her to decline the Secretary of State offer….but why?  If she does choose to accept the position of Secretary of State, at least I have one comfort: it makes Iran unhappy.

Also, in case anyone missed the Zogby poll where most Nobama voters knew nothing about him, Gallup and Rasmussen have yet to do a similar poll of McCain voters.  Because the Nobama voters love to call Sarah Palin dumb because she has a different dialect of English than they do, the Zogby poll shows that it is truly the pot calling the kettle black.

Today’s Political Cartoons…Because We All Need a Laugh Sunday, Nov 23 2008 



PUMASphere Saturday, Nov 22 2008 

The PUMASphere topic of the week is Newt Gingrich.  First of all, who is Newt Gingrich and why would anyone care that he believes that Sarah Palin will not be the future GOP leader?  Obviously, she is a major celebrity, and to deny that is pure lunacy.  Right?!  Or maybe, he simply views her as a threat for his own candidacy in 2012.

What possible scandals could the DNC bring out against a former Republican Speaker of the House?  A half-sister who is an GLBT activist (Candace Gingrich)?  His first marriage was to his *former teacher*?  (ethics? judgment anyone?)  Eighty-four ethics violation charges filed while he was in office?  Divorced his second wife who had multiple sclerosis because of an affair he was having during the Clinton administration?

Is Newt Gingrich the person we want to go up against Nobama in 2012?  Or is it Sarah Palin, a person with star quality, the victim of many vicious sexist attacks in the media?

My vote is for Sarah Palin.  If you would like to tell Mr. Gingrich how you feel about him adding to the sexist attacks on Sarah, you can contact him here.

Tinfoil Hat or Real Issue? Saturday, Nov 22 2008 

I’ve been following the birth certificate issue for months, and the more I learn, the more questions I have, such as what is NOBAMA hiding?  Why refuse to show his birth certificate (not the COLB which does not prove natural born citizenship)?  Why would the DNC spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just so that he doesn’t have to show his birth certificate?  The longer he waits, the more lawsuits crop up and the more taxpayer dollars are spent defending someone who is obviously a charlatan or he would have coughed up the documents to the courts by now.

More on the NOBAMA birth certificate:

What is the difference between a Certificate of Live Birth and a Birth Certificate?

Actions including contacting the Electors regarding the lawsuits.  Also, an FAQ page regarding the birth certificate.

Select your state and you will find forums with a cover page, letter, and addresses for the Electors:

Action Alert Saturday, Nov 22 2008 

From Join the Impact:

  1. Nov. 28th – Dec. 20th: The National LGBTQ Food Drive – Through this event, we will work to reach out not only to those who have worked alongside us, but to organizations and individuals that fear us and oppose our cause.  Our efforts to alleviate the hunger America is facing in this difficult time will be indiscriminate with regards to creed or political philosophy.  These are gaps we can and must bridge if we are going to achieve equality in this country.
  2. December 5th: MILK Movement: Let’s honor the memory of Harvey Milk and get everyone out to the theater for the national release of this film by Gus Van Sant.  Gaining equality requires visibility.  This world needs to know that we exist and that our numbers are huge.  So many people don’t understand just how many US Citizens are denied equal rights.  Let’s make MILK one of the top 3 grossing movies for the weekend of December 5th.  And let’s do it by going to the theaters that support our community.  Please keep checking back for a list of pro-LGBTQ theaters to support the weekend of December 5th.  This movie is something that will help keep this important conversation going so let’s fill those seats! (More info to come soon).
  3. December 10th: Day Without a Gay – Day Without a Gay is about an economic boycott.  Our community contributes $700 billion a year to this economy (the same amount as the bailout), yet we are not given equal protections under the law that every citizen deserves.  As such, it is time we make a stand.  During the largest shopping season of the year, we ask that you do one very important thing: Don’t Buy Anything!  What would happen to this world if the LGBTQ community didn’t exist?  Why is it that we continue to contribute to an economy and government that does not contribute to us?  Let’s answer these questions on December 10th.
  4. December 20th: Light up the Night for Equal Rights – On November 15th, we took to the streets and shouted for our rights and against the acts revoking rights on November 4th.  We mobilized in ways this country has never seen and did so on the steps of City Halls and US Embassies throughout the world!  On December 20th, we ask that you join us again for a demonstration that will make an impact on the private sector.  Thanks to the great suggestion of one of our readers mixed with the brilliant ideas of the Civil Rights Front, we ask that you join us to Light Up the Night for Equal Rights.
  5. January 10th: National Protest Against DOMA – Please join us to make history AGAIN.  Let’s march on our state capitols and remind President Elect Barack Obama that he promised to Repeal DOMA!
  6. February 12th: Freedom to Marry Day Sit In – February 12 is Freedom to Marry Day and we are teaming up with to bring visibility of immense proportions to this issue.  Let’s exercise our freedom as citizens of this country!  We ask that you join us at the steps of your City Hall and ask for a marriage license.  If you are denied a license, don’t leave.  Sit with your community, your allies, and friends.  Let’s show this country just how many US Citizens are DENIED EQUAL PROTECTIONS UNDER THE LAW.

Since when do we have to look at media from THAILAND to get the real news? Sunday, Nov 16 2008 

One of the things Americans learned during the 2008 election is not to trust the media–the American media, that is.  For all those people who are concerned about whether Bill Clinton would “get in the way” of Hillary Clinton being Secretary of State, check out this interesting article from Thailand.  If Americans wouldn’t have held her husband against her for President, we sure wouldn’t for Secretary of State.

That said, I am totally against Hillary Clinton being Secretary of State.  I feel that she should stay as far away from this toxic administration as possible, and maybe, in 2012, when Sarah Palin wins the Presidency, Hillary will get a choice cabinet position and we’d still be able to admire her for standing up for her ethics.  I don’t want to remember Hillary as the “Secretary of State” in the most horrid administration ever.

Hillary Clinton would have won US presidential race by a bigger margin

New York, Nov 14 (ANI): New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who lost to US President elect Barack Obama in Democrat primary race, would have won the White House by a bigger margin.

Barack Obama won big on Election Day, but Hillary Clinton would have won bigger, the Daily News reported.

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