One of the things Americans learned during the 2008 election is not to trust the media–the American media, that is.  For all those people who are concerned about whether Bill Clinton would “get in the way” of Hillary Clinton being Secretary of State, check out this interesting article from Thailand.  If Americans wouldn’t have held her husband against her for President, we sure wouldn’t for Secretary of State.

That said, I am totally against Hillary Clinton being Secretary of State.  I feel that she should stay as far away from this toxic administration as possible, and maybe, in 2012, when Sarah Palin wins the Presidency, Hillary will get a choice cabinet position and we’d still be able to admire her for standing up for her ethics.  I don’t want to remember Hillary as the “Secretary of State” in the most horrid administration ever.

Hillary Clinton would have won US presidential race by a bigger margin

New York, Nov 14 (ANI): New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who lost to US President elect Barack Obama in Democrat primary race, would have won the White House by a bigger margin.

Barack Obama won big on Election Day, but Hillary Clinton would have won bigger, the Daily News reported.