A great deal of interest has been generated over the possible female appointees to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, but we forget that we could also make gains with Obama’s upcoming vacant Senate seat (likely to be vacant regardless of the Natural Born Citizen outcome).

So who are the female Illinois Congresspeople?  Yes, all of them endorsed Obama, but he is from their home state after all.

We have Janice Schakowsky, a far left Democrat, with more experience in Congress, whose focus has been Energy and the Environment, and has been called a friend to Israel.

Second, we have Judy Biggert, a moderate  Republican, whose focus has been on Education, and who is pro-choice and voted NO on the FMA and was endorsed by the HRC against her Democratic opponent (which NEVER happens).

We have moderate Democrat, Melissa Bean, who has served on various financial committees, who has the greatest chance of helping in this economic mess, although she only has 3 years of experience in Congress.

Do a little research and tell me which of these three you would pick to support for Obama’s Senate seat.