Stimulus Flu Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 

I’d love to say I coined the term “stimulus flu”, but I must give credit where credit is due: a local morning radio show in Pennsylvania.  Apparently, some pork farmers object to the name “swine flu” because people might get the mistaken impression that it is carried through pork, and calling it the “Mexican Flu” is even worse.  Thus, since many people associate the stimulus package with pork, a more PC term would be to rename it the “stimulus flu”.

Now, I’ve been wondering what exactly our fearless leader, the Obamessiah, plans to do about the stimulus flu.  Besides play golf of course.  He’s given some pretty speeches–from the teleprompter of course.  He’s even shutting down some schools–what was that about our math and science scores being below other countries–yeah, that’s what I thought.

Today, we marked the 100 day anniversary of the biggest debacle in recent election history.  Whoever heard of a “100 day” anniversary anyway?  That sounds like something your girlfriend would artificially create just to make you feel bad that you “forgot” the anniversary.  But, from all accounts, the upcoming Pennsylvania senatorial election is going to be an even bigger nightmare.

The only good thing about the fact that Arlen Specter running as a Democrat is that it means that Chris Matthews won’t be. 😉  Specter does have a pro-choice, pro-gay record that doesn’t sit well with the GOP, and well, the horrible way he was treated by Republican talk show hosts just because he happened to vote with the Democrats on a couple of bills didn’t sit well with me.  So, I can understand why he felt abandoned by the GOP.  The downside is that instead of having a battle between a liberal Democrat and a moderate Republican, we’ll now have a battle between an ultra-conservative Republican and a moderate almost-Democrat.


What We are Fighting for… Thursday, Apr 9 2009 

In Springfield, Massachusettes, a young child, only 11 years old, committed suicide because he was bullied (called gay and made fun of for how he was dressed).  Sadly, even in Massachusettes, the first state to gain marriage rights through the courts, our children are affected by homophobia.

Sirdeaner L. Walker said she found her son Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover dead on the second floor of their Springfield, Mass., home. She said he had endured another day of teasing from his fellow classmates.

“I just want to help some other child,” she said. “I know there are other kids being picked on, and it’s day in and day out.”

Carl played football, basketball, and was a boy scout — but that didn’t stop other kids from picking on him, his mom said. Students called him gay and made fun of him for the way he dressed.

Sirdeaner Walker said she began phoning his school repeatedly when Carl first told her about the bullying last September, but she says the school was unresponsive.

I can only imagine why the school would be “unresponsive”, but if it is anything like my community, the fear of taking a stand is overwhelming–especially when it could cost your job (in this economy, that is a huge threat).  The only way to deal with this is to make sure the teachers know we have their backs if they deal with the harrassment and bullying.  Also, to put forth through the media, positive images of families.  For your viewing pleasure, I give you: “My Two Mommies”:

Part 1

Part 2

Iowa and Vermont: Cause for Cautious Celebration Saturday, Apr 4 2009 

Vermont’s House and Senate both passed a resolution for marriage equality, however, the governor has promised to veto that resolution.  Kind of defeats the “it should be up to the legislators” argument doesn’t it?  So if you live in Vermont, try to convince the governor that it really isn’t worth using his veto power on.  If the resolution survives, Vermont would be the first state to have marriage equality imposed by the legislature rather than by the courts.

Iowa’s Supreme Court has “all justices concur” to pave the way for marriage equality in the nation’s heartland.  My favorite part of the court ruling is thus:

“Whether expressly or impliedly, much of society rejects same-sex marriage due to sincere, deeply ingrained — even fundamental — religious belief,” the court said, before adding that religious views are nonetheless mixed on the subject. “As a result, civil marriage must be judged under our constitutional standards of equal protection and not under religious doctrines or the religious views of individuals. This approach does not disrespect or denigrate the religious views of many Iowans who may strongly believe in marriage as a dual-gender union, but considers, as we must, only the constitutional rights of all people, as expressed by the promise of equal protection for all. We are not permitted to do less and would damage our constitution immeasurably by trying to do more.”,8599,1889534,00.html?iid=tsmodule

  Interestingly enough, the current Iowan legislature appears satisfied to let the ruling stand (unlike California) and also has stricter requirements for amending their state constitution (unlike California).  If it were to go to the ballot, it wouldn’t be any earlier than 2012.

In the World… Wednesday, Apr 1 2009 

Congrats to Sweden for marriage equality!  Way more progressive than the USA.

Sweden approves same-sex marriages

Posted in: International Daily News
By Daily News Staff – 2nd April 2009

Gender-neutral marriage legislation has been adopted in Sweden, passed by a broad majority in parliament after a sex-hour debate.


“The decision means that gender no longer has an impact on the ability to marry,” the government said on its website.


The new legislation will come into effect on Friday 1 May, replacing law approved in 1995 which allows same-sex couples to form a union in Sweden via a registered partnership.

Also, congrats to Switzerland’s newly elected lesbian mayor, Corine Mauch!

Switzerland’s second largest city has elected a lesbian mayor.


Zurich’s new mayor Corine Mauch, a member of the left-leaning Social Democrats, was elected by a large majority at the weekend.Her opponents had attempted to use Mauch’s sexuality against her in a heated campaign.

“Being a lesbian is an advantage, Zurich has a large gay community and the city people generally want to show you that they are open minded,” one Swiss academic opined, according to