Flashback: Sexism is still ALIVE in 2008 Thursday, Dec 11 2008 

     TV addressed sexism even in th 80s.  Degrassi, which has a reputation for “going there” put sexism on the forefront in the “Censored” episode of Degrassi Junior High.

Alexa: L.D., they’re only pictures.

L.D.: No, it’s how people look at women.  It’s important.  If we don’t battle sexism, who will?


    So, are “pictures” a problem?  Absolutely.  Just as the image of feeding beer to a cardboard cutout is disturbing.  Women’s rights faded in importance for awhile, but this election season caused many women to wake up to the sexism we currently face.  If women and enlightened men work together, this guy, Jon Favreau, would be fired for his disgusting facebook already.  In case you were wondering, yes, the picture is still up on his Facebook, clearly nullifying any “apology”.


Speak Out:

Email Valerie Jarrett Co-Chair Transition
Call Transition Headquarters:
202-540-3000 press option # 2 for a live person
Email Media:
hardball@msnbc.com; caffertyfile@cnn.com; cnn.onair@cnn.com; comments@mclaughlin.com; Cavuto@foxnews.com; LouDobbs@cnn.com; hemmer@foxnews.com; headlinenews@cnn.com; Hannity@foxnews.com; gretawire@fox.com ; writemalkin@gmail.com ; elrushbo@eibnet.com; charlierose@pbs.org; gretawire@fox.com;

Why Jon Favreau Needs to be Fired–and what happened to NOW? Monday, Dec 8 2008 

The National Organization for Women has been seriously derelict in their obligation to speak out against the sexism and harrassment toward a cardboard cutout of a former First Lady, Senator, and future Secretary of State.  Bad enough that the picture was taken–the picture was flaunted on Jon’s Facebook page as though he were PROUD of groping a cardboard cutout of Senator Clinton.

The New York Times quotes NOW as stating:

When NOW’s press secretary Mai Shiozaki was reached Friday, she first claimed not to have seen the Favreau photograph. But when called later, she offered two reasons for not weighing in: ‘I haven’t looked into it’ and ‘I have a 5 p.m. deadline. … I am already late.’ ”

NOW’s treatment of Sarah Palin was atrocious, but at least could be fathomed, as Sarah is a member of the opposing political party.  Hillary Clinton is a Democrat–there IS NO EXCUSE.

The New Agenda, a new non-partisan feminist group, did stand up for Senator Clinton:

 “These antics ought to be summarily condemned by President-elect Obama. He ought to fire Jon Favreau. If he does not fire Favreau, he risks fostering the perception that he condones Favreau’s disrespect toward Senator Clinton. He also risks encouraging this sort of behavior in other young men toward women who are not merely cardboard cutouts.”

Andrew Breitbart weighs in from RealClearPolitics:

At the exact moment Jon Favreau is receiving high praise in pre-inaugural media puff pieces, the 27-year-old chief speechwriter for President-elect Barack Obama (not Jon Favreau, the Hollywood actor/ director) finds himself in a minor mess over a photo from a recent private party showing him groping the breast of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Rodham Clinton as an unnamed pal wearing an “Obama staff” T-shirt kisses and feeds her beer.

If you haven’t seen it, imagine the early stages of the barroom rape scene of “The Accused” with Jodie Foster. Or think prosecutor Mike Nifong’s graphic (though false) descriptions of the Duke lacrosse party. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson danced to a similar tune at the 2004 Super Bowl.

Fraternities have been closed for less.

If Senator Obama truly wishes to “put the primary campaign behind him” and “support women’s issues” as he espoused during the campaign, he would not only fire Jon Favreau, but also issue a joint statement with Senator Clinton denouncing the scene as sexual harrassment in the workplace.  Why a joint statement?  Between the two of them throughout the primary, Senator Obama and Senator Clinton reached millions of Americans; a joint statement would reach his supporters as well as hers and would also reassure her supporters that Senator Obama cares about the working environment of his female employees.

1) Contact NOW and inform them you want Jon Favreau fired and for them to issue a statement.

Contact the NOW Action Center

National Organization for Women
1100 H Street NW, 3rd floor
Washington, D.C. 20005

Phone: (202) 628-8669 (628-8NOW)

Fax: (202) 785-8576

TTY: (202) 331-9002

2)  Contact Valerie Jarrett from Obama’s transition team and demand that Jon Favreau be fired:



Action Items Tuesday, Dec 2 2008 

Action Item #1: For 9.95 FedEx ALL the Supreme Court justices about Nobama’s eligibility


FedEx the Supremes about Obama’s eligibility
WND makes it easy, cheaper to ask justices to resolve questions

Posted: December 01, 2008
10:26 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily


WASHINGTON – You can make sure the Supreme Court justices have a piece of your mind when they review a case Friday challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, which stipulates the position can only be filled by “a natural born citizen.”

Because the Supreme Court justices do not accept faxes, e-mails or telephone calls, there is only one way to make your voice heard in time for Friday’s preliminary hearing – overnight delivery of your letter.

To make that process simpler, more convenient and less expensive, WND has devised a plan to get a concise letter on the subject, over your name, delivered to all nine justices by FedEx for the price of just $9.95. This offer ends Thursday at noon Eastern time to ensure all letters are delivered by Friday morning to the Supreme Court.

Another way to arrange to deliver your letter is to call 1-800-4WND-COM.

Action item #2: Show support to the Chicago Tribune for running the We the People Ad.  They have received a lot of negative feedback and are ancy to show the next ad.  We need to show them that the media needs to report the truth regardless of the pleasantness.

Contact the Chicago Tribune and tell them how brave they are to run the ad and that you support them:

• 1-800-TRIBUNE (1-800-874-2863)
• Hearing impaired (TDD): 1-312-222-1922

Email the public editor: publiceditor@tribune.com

Write an online letter to the editor: ctc-tribletter@tribune.com


Ted Kennedy asks Hillary Clinton to head Senate healthcare team Monday, Nov 24 2008 

The Irony abounds.  Prior to the supposed Secretary of State offer, Senator Hillary Clinton was not being given any opportunities with regards to healthcare in the senate, most especially by Ted Kennedy.  Which begs the question: what is his motive?  Obviously, he wants her to decline the Secretary of State offer….but why?  If she does choose to accept the position of Secretary of State, at least I have one comfort: it makes Iran unhappy.

Also, in case anyone missed the Zogby poll where most Nobama voters knew nothing about him, Gallup and Rasmussen have yet to do a similar poll of McCain voters.  Because the Nobama voters love to call Sarah Palin dumb because she has a different dialect of English than they do, the Zogby poll shows that it is truly the pot calling the kettle black.

Top 10 Reasons to Be a PUMA Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 

1)  Teach our children that CHEATING doesn’t win.  http://www.wewillnotbesilenced2008.com/

2)  Keep the Mainstream Media honest.

3)  PUMAs were never endorsed by Hamas.

4)  I had to have Act 33/Act 34 clearances (no drug history allowed) and a United States birth certificate, and I don’t even control the red button!  http://www.obamacrimes.com/ and http://www.americasright.com/

5)  Smart girls rock! http://www.palin4pres2012.com/

6)  PUMAs care more about the ISSUES than about what the candidates are WEARING or what ANIMAL they are getting.

7)  Stock market crashes.  Bin Laden threatens us with a new tape.  Don’t blame PUMAs–we voted for Hillary!  http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/bin_laden_terror_attack/2008/11/10/149744.html

8)  PUMAs believe in Human Rights!  http://www.hrc.org/

9)  PUMAs are more informed than your average voter.

10)  Because PUMAs were never only about Hillary–we were about Democratic Party reform!