As a Jew, I have never been prouder.

“Black liberals were the critical voting bloc. Jewish liberals voted overwhelmingly against Prop 8, to offer a simple contrast. Obama has always opposed marriage equality, even splitting with his own church on the issue. In California, he got his way.”

“On Proposition 8, Jewish Angelinos voted 78 percent against the ban while only 8 percent supported the ban, according to the survey of 1,200 voters in 50 precincts. The remainder declined to respond. The Jews’ vote against the ban was the highest proportion of any ethnic or religious group.”

Of course, no one is perfect….

“Los Angeles Jewish voters also voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, giving him 78 percent of votes to 20 percent for John McCain. The president-elect’s Jewish numbers in Los Angeles matched the percentage nationwide.”

Dayenu…it would have been enough…..

If the media had talked about Farrakhan and his links to Obama.

If the media had brought up the Birth Certificate.

If the media had brought up Obama’s flip-flopping on an undivided Jerusalem.

If the media had brought up Palin’s approval rating in the Alaskan Jewish community.