PUMA PAC has mentioned the misogyny aimed at Christina Romer.  However, she is not the only one of Nobama’s economic advisors who is being subjected to sexist comments.  Instead of being interviewed on what she intends to do with the position, she is interviewed on the latest fashionable outfit she is sporting:

When asked what clothes she splurged on last year in an interview she responed, “I love a beautiful suit. Wear the entire suit and you’re professional and put together. Put the jacket on with a pair of jeans and you’re ready for a fun dinner. I also have a crazy collection of Wolford tights. They’re a small detail that makes an outfit more interesting.”

Of course, we can’t forget how this all relates to Michelle Obama:

Will Melody Barnes give Michelle Obama a run for her money in the world of fashion for the brand new washington DC power woman.  Barnes is a beauty with brains (as is Michelle) and with her appearance with Barack Obama on Monday the lawyer is now on everyone’s minds.

Melody Barnes who in 2007 was named one of Washington’s best dressed women.  She is hailed as a beauty with brains as though that is something out of the ordinary.  Her long association with Ted Kennedy makes me seriously wonder if Nobama was being “helped” by the Kennedy’s, especially in light of Ted Kennedy’s most recent offer to Hillary Clinton to chair a choice healthcare committee in the Senate.  In addition to her time at Emily’s List, she did work for Ted Kennedy for years.  Funny that.