Election Promises or The Real Deal: Sarah Palin Wednesday, Dec 10 2008 

Governor Palin announced her health priorities for Alaska and is continuing to work on them…seems her focus on special needs children was not a campaign stunt after all. (Note the sarcasm: I never believed it was a campaign stunt unlike my colleagues)  Her ability to work with foreign companies and knowledge of energy is evidenced by her most recent funding of a natural gas pipeline.  Governor Palin remains popular to the media’s extreme frustration and confusion.  The people overwhelmingly believe that John McCain made the RIGHT CHOICE in Sarah Palin.

America has let the media pundits spin the truth for far too long.  Has anyone actually asked Sarah Palin why she went to multiple schools before finishing her degree?  Maybe she simply wanted the *best* education for her major and kept switching because she was dissatisfied with the lack of difficulty.  At least she finished her degree, which is more than I can say for millions of Americans.  Of all Americans who enter college, only about 53% graduated (2000 statistics from The Educational Trust).

In many cases, experience trumps education.  Governor Palin makes decisions everyday that affect millions of Alaskans.  Her real world experience far outweighs her lack of a Harvard degree.  In fact, her lack of a Harvard degree makes it easier to relate to her as wanting to serve the people rather than just seeking power.

Caroline Kennedy has power and name recognition and a Harvard degree, but minimal experience as an elected official.  Thus, there are many more qualified women available to fill a high level New York Senate position.    Once she gains some of that experience, maybe I would consider voting for her–but I would never vote for someone just because I recognized his/her name.


Ted Kennedy asks Hillary Clinton to head Senate healthcare team Monday, Nov 24 2008 

The Irony abounds.  Prior to the supposed Secretary of State offer, Senator Hillary Clinton was not being given any opportunities with regards to healthcare in the senate, most especially by Ted Kennedy.  Which begs the question: what is his motive?  Obviously, he wants her to decline the Secretary of State offer….but why?  If she does choose to accept the position of Secretary of State, at least I have one comfort: it makes Iran unhappy.

Also, in case anyone missed the Zogby poll where most Nobama voters knew nothing about him, Gallup and Rasmussen have yet to do a similar poll of McCain voters.  Because the Nobama voters love to call Sarah Palin dumb because she has a different dialect of English than they do, the Zogby poll shows that it is truly the pot calling the kettle black.

PUMASphere Saturday, Nov 22 2008 

The PUMASphere topic of the week is Newt Gingrich.  First of all, who is Newt Gingrich and why would anyone care that he believes that Sarah Palin will not be the future GOP leader?  Obviously, she is a major celebrity, and to deny that is pure lunacy.  Right?!  Or maybe, he simply views her as a threat for his own candidacy in 2012.

What possible scandals could the DNC bring out against a former Republican Speaker of the House?  A half-sister who is an GLBT activist (Candace Gingrich)?  His first marriage was to his *former teacher*?  (ethics? judgment anyone?)  Eighty-four ethics violation charges filed while he was in office?  Divorced his second wife who had multiple sclerosis because of an affair he was having during the Clinton administration?

Is Newt Gingrich the person we want to go up against Nobama in 2012?  Or is it Sarah Palin, a person with star quality, the victim of many vicious sexist attacks in the media?

My vote is for Sarah Palin.  If you would like to tell Mr. Gingrich how you feel about him adding to the sexist attacks on Sarah, you can contact him here.

Liberal Jews Overwhelmingly Vote AGAINST Prop 8! Wednesday, Nov 12 2008 

As a Jew, I have never been prouder.


“Black liberals were the critical voting bloc. Jewish liberals voted overwhelmingly against Prop 8, to offer a simple contrast. Obama has always opposed marriage equality, even splitting with his own church on the issue. In California, he got his way.”


“On Proposition 8, Jewish Angelinos voted 78 percent against the ban while only 8 percent supported the ban, according to the survey of 1,200 voters in 50 precincts. The remainder declined to respond. The Jews’ vote against the ban was the highest proportion of any ethnic or religious group.”

Of course, no one is perfect….

“Los Angeles Jewish voters also voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, giving him 78 percent of votes to 20 percent for John McCain. The president-elect’s Jewish numbers in Los Angeles matched the percentage nationwide.”

Dayenu…it would have been enough…..

If the media had talked about Farrakhan and his links to Obama.

If the media had brought up the Birth Certificate.

If the media had brought up Obama’s flip-flopping on an undivided Jerusalem.

If the media had brought up Palin’s approval rating in the Alaskan Jewish community.


Top 10 Reasons to Be a PUMA Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 

1)  Teach our children that CHEATING doesn’t win.  http://www.wewillnotbesilenced2008.com/

2)  Keep the Mainstream Media honest.

3)  PUMAs were never endorsed by Hamas.

4)  I had to have Act 33/Act 34 clearances (no drug history allowed) and a United States birth certificate, and I don’t even control the red button!  http://www.obamacrimes.com/ and http://www.americasright.com/

5)  Smart girls rock! http://www.palin4pres2012.com/

6)  PUMAs care more about the ISSUES than about what the candidates are WEARING or what ANIMAL they are getting.

7)  Stock market crashes.  Bin Laden threatens us with a new tape.  Don’t blame PUMAs–we voted for Hillary!  http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/bin_laden_terror_attack/2008/11/10/149744.html

8)  PUMAs believe in Human Rights!  http://www.hrc.org/

9)  PUMAs are more informed than your average voter.

10)  Because PUMAs were never only about Hillary–we were about Democratic Party reform!