Stimulus Flu Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 

I’d love to say I coined the term “stimulus flu”, but I must give credit where credit is due: a local morning radio show in Pennsylvania.  Apparently, some pork farmers object to the name “swine flu” because people might get the mistaken impression that it is carried through pork, and calling it the “Mexican Flu” is even worse.  Thus, since many people associate the stimulus package with pork, a more PC term would be to rename it the “stimulus flu”.

Now, I’ve been wondering what exactly our fearless leader, the Obamessiah, plans to do about the stimulus flu.  Besides play golf of course.  He’s given some pretty speeches–from the teleprompter of course.  He’s even shutting down some schools–what was that about our math and science scores being below other countries–yeah, that’s what I thought.

Today, we marked the 100 day anniversary of the biggest debacle in recent election history.  Whoever heard of a “100 day” anniversary anyway?  That sounds like something your girlfriend would artificially create just to make you feel bad that you “forgot” the anniversary.  But, from all accounts, the upcoming Pennsylvania senatorial election is going to be an even bigger nightmare.

The only good thing about the fact that Arlen Specter running as a Democrat is that it means that Chris Matthews won’t be. 😉  Specter does have a pro-choice, pro-gay record that doesn’t sit well with the GOP, and well, the horrible way he was treated by Republican talk show hosts just because he happened to vote with the Democrats on a couple of bills didn’t sit well with me.  So, I can understand why he felt abandoned by the GOP.  The downside is that instead of having a battle between a liberal Democrat and a moderate Republican, we’ll now have a battle between an ultra-conservative Republican and a moderate almost-Democrat.


Marriage Equality Vs. Unhappy Exes Tuesday, Mar 10 2009 

  I have been reading many different articles where people have left comments about how they “would have voted for gays until their spouse decided to leave them to become gay”.  I would have thought them utterly without merit until I actually spoke to a real live co-worker who had the same feeling (talk about shock!)  So for all of you who were hurt by an unsuccessful marriage because your partner “came out” late in life, I would put forth to you that such unhappy endings would occur less often if same sex couples could marry and have/adopt children with minimal difficulty.  For example, an ex-gf of mine told me that she had to break up with me because she “had to get married and have kids” and THEN she “could go back to women”.  Yes, I attended her wedding followed by a divorce a few years later because she was only trying to make her family happy to begin with and that never works out well.

   I realize that some of these exes may not prize monogamy, but then not all heterosexuals are capable of sustaining a healthy marriage either.  Would you punish all of us because one person did you wrong?

   While California is dragging its heels, Vermont seems ready to put marriage equality to their legislature and–guess what–the Mormons aren’t winning Vermont.

A new Rutland Herald editorial for 8 March even asked these questions: “Have eight years of civil unions in Vermont harmed you or your state? Have civil unions harmed the marriages of heterosexual Vermonters in any way?” The answer, of course, it no. Vermont has not been harmed by having civil unions, and heterosexual marriage has not completely collapsed while it is in existence.

The battle for marriage equality in Vermont is beginning to look one sided. The Vermont Health and Human Services Professionals released a statement concerning the impact of sexual orientation on any children of a same-sex couple. Not surprising, they found that having two parents of the same sex had no impact on children. In fact, they stated that there was no scientific evidence that being raised by two parents of the same sex had any impact on children. However, they pointed out that the discrimination endured by same-sex couples, including not having the right to a civil marriage, was detrimental to children.


  In other news, the One has shown that he really likes women *cough* by appointing a lesbian to the Office of Political Affairs.  Her experience is that of a “field organizer” (is that like a community organizer?) and a “senior strategist”, but hey, it’s not like she’s auditioning for the office of President *cough*.

President Barack Obama recently appointed a lesbian to serve as a regional director in the Office of Political Affairs, according to the National Stonewall Democrats.

Campbell Spencer, the new appointee, started her role as director of the office’s Midwest desk a couple weeks ago and will act as a liaison for the region’s Democratic governors and state Democratic parties.

During the presidential campaign, Spencer was a national co-chair of Obama’s LGBT steering and policy committee. She also has worked on the unsuccessful presidential campaigns of Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. She was director of LGBT outreach and base vote director for the Democratic National Committee.

Chanukah: A Time of Civil Rights Sunday, Dec 21 2008 

  This holiday season, as part of the celebration of Chanukah, Jews tell the story of the Maccabees.  However, we often leave out the fact that some Jews wanted to assimilate and give up their freedom.  Chanukah was a story about civil war just as much as it was a fight against oppressive tyrants.

There are really two Hanukkah stories — the one we tell our children, and the one they eventually learn. It’s true that Hanukkah is a celebration of the Jewish people’s victory over Syrian-Hellenist oppressors forcing them to assimilate around 168 B.C. The popular hero of the story, Judah Maccabee, hid in the hills for four years with a small band of brothers and fellow Jews to emerge victorious against a far larger Syrian army. The Jews reclaimed their holy Temple, then lit their eternal flame with a tiny spot of olive oil that they believed was enough for just one day. The oil burned, miraculously, for eight days, hence the eight-day holiday. What is often lost in the retelling is that Hanukkah is also a story of civil war. Many Jews wanted to assimilate and much Jewish blood was shed by fellow Jews. If nothing else, this back story helps us more clearly understand the sacrifices made.

  The story of Chanukah gives us hope in these dark times of oppression.  On the side of the Syrians, we have the Religious Right.  On the side of Assimilation, we have the Obots.  Above all, on the side of the Maccabees, we have the PUMAs.  We are the ones who won’t take it anymore.  We won’t accept the “selected” President-elect.  We won’t accept misogyny in any form.  We won’t accept being 2nd class citizens.  The PUMAs, like the Maccabees, are the ones who will be seen as heroes for fighting for what we believe in several centuries down the road.

  Chanukah is a time for “miracles”.  However, the real lesson behind Chanukah is that to get a miracle, you have to be willing to take a stand. 

Speaking of Words… Friday, Dec 19 2008 

    The media has fallen to a new low: “Man in shotgun case barred from contacting ill wife” is the latest in the list of examples of shoddy, biased reporting.  Do they mention he had intended to shoot his “ill wife”?  Or the entire family?  Of course not.  Do they mention his long history of violence, including taking a hammer to his “ill wife”‘s head in June 2008 where he earned a whopping 3 months of jail time?  Yes, she was dying of ovarian cancer then as well.  How did his “ill wife” survive?  A cell phone text message to some male relatives who happened to be nearby.

   Instead of questioning the system–which allows violent crime offenders back out on the streets just because the person they attacked happened to be a family member, the news outlets try to make the attacker look like a “victim”.  It’s pathetic.  Before you think that this is the only article like this, I’ve found at least 7 others: A woman was in critical condition Tuesday after being shot in the face during an argument between two estranged lovers the evening before, according to police–which makes it sound like a simple lovers’ quarrel that got out of hand; Bergen County’s prosecutor says a Hackensack woman is in critical condition after she was shot in the face by an ex-boyfriend–which doesn’t even realize that it was not her ex-boyfriend, but her brother-in-law;  Lodi man accused of shooting sister-in-law–which implies that he wasn’t caught with a gun in hand at the scene.  “Accused” implies there is a  shadow of a doubt that he might be innocent.  There is none; Tempers flared between a woman and her estranged boyfriend in Lodi last night leading to a shooting that critically injured the woman’s sister–again trying to make it sound like a simple lovers’ quarrel; Bergen County’s prosecutor says a Hackensack woman is in critical condition after she was shot in the face by an ex-boyfriend.–again, brother-in-law, not ex-boyfriend; He allegedly returned to Richardson’s home that evening with a loaded shotgun, Molinelli said yesterday–again, implies that there is a shadow of doubt of innocence; The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office says a Hackensack woman is in critical condition after being shot in the face by her brother-in-law.–now, this article is the most objective, but again does not report on the history of the case.

   Is the media trying to quell a public outcry against a system which allows repeat violent offenders out on the streets?  Sure, prisons are overcrowded, but violent offenders need to be there.  I’ve seen two very logical ideas for legislation come out of this, and I’m sure there are many others.  One being the use of a GPS as an alert system for restraining order violations.  Another being barring those with histories of domestic violence from owning guns–and this is from someone who accepts hunting deer.  However, the only way we will have solutions to such horrible problems is if the media reports these problems accurately and without bias.

  See Betty Jean’s full story here:   She is one of the few PUMAs that I have gotten to meet in person, and believe me, this is a tragedy–not just that it happened, but the way it is being swept under the rug.

Dyke: What’s in a Word? Thursday, Dec 18 2008 

     One of my students broke my heart today.  She asked me, “doesn’t it bother you when people say things?  People call me a dyke because I used to be one and it hurt.”  In our tiny little community in rural Pennsylvania, being different in any way is cause for verbal taunts.  Bigotry runs rampant despite teachers’ attempts to quell it because the students receive the message at home that bigotry is acceptable.  Teachers are limited at every turn by the outcry of “promoting a homosexual agenda” when all we want is for our children to see school as a safe place.  According to the 2003 National School Climate Survey:

An overwhelming majority (92 percent) of GLBTQ students reported frequently hearing homophobic slurs, such as ‘faggot,’ ‘dyke,’ or ‘that’s so gay.’ Moreover, schools’ faculty and staff contributed to the problem by either making such comments themselves or failing to intervene when they overheard such remarks.

  As someone who works in the public schools, I hear these words many times a day.  Why is the overwhelming use of these words a problem? 

1) In a recent survey, 33 percent of gay, lesbian, and bisexual high school students reported attempting suicide in the previous year, compared to eight percent of their heterosexual peers;  in another study, gay and bisexual males were nearly four times more likely to attempt suicide than were their straight peers.  GLBTQ youth often internalize negative societal messages regarding sexual orientation and suffer from self-hatred as well as from social and emotional isolation. They may use substances to manage stigma and shame, to deny same-sex sexual feelings, and/or as a defense against ridicule and violence.

2)  Thirty-nine percent of gay, lesbian, and bisexual students and 55 percent of transgender students reported having been shoved or pushed. Transgender youth were about one-third more likely to suffer physical harassment on account of their gender expression than were gay, lesbian, and bisexual students on account of their sexual orientation.

  In other words, verbal harrassment leads to violence, either through physical attacks or attempts at suicide.  This is the same progression that occurs with domestic violence.  Words matter.  Calling someone a “dyke” or a “faggot” is never acceptable.  So, why would many adults not comment about hearing these words?

Many adults  fear discrimination, job loss, and abuse if they openly support GLBTQ youth.

  Just look at the harrassment the future Secretary of Education has endured for suggesting the creation of an GLBT friendly high school (bigots not welcome).  Note that he was not recommending segregation, just tolerance and the ability of teachers to make these students feel safe.  Yet, there was a huge public outcry.

  Thus far, I have only addressed the first issue: “People called me a dyke”; the second issue is the “I used to be one”.  As most of us know, your sexual orientation doesn’t just magically change overnight.  People simply go into the closet or participate in risky behaviors trying to “prove” their heterosexuality.

In one study of 15- to 22-year-old men who have sex with men, 23 percent reported having had at least five male sex partners in the past six months and 41 percent reported unprotected anal sex. Seventeen percent of men of mixed race/ethnicity and black background were HIV-infected, as were 14 percent of African Americans/blacks, 13 percent of men of mixed race/ethnicity, and seven percent of Hispanics. HIV prevalence among whites and Asian Americans was three percent each.

In one study, nearly 17 percent of bisexual women reported unprotected vaginal or anal sex with a man during the last two months.

   The quandary I ran into: how can I respond to such a comment sensitively and still maintain my job?  I chose to sidestep the issue and say that people always say things, but that you can’t let them get to you and that it is different in big cities than it is in small towns.  I feel like I didn’t do enough.

   I protest for equal rights so that our children will feel safe and grow up in a climate of love rather than hate.  People need to stop hiding behind their religion as an excuse for bigotry because that is all it is: an excuse.

  Some helpful websites for those GLBT youth:


   Advocates for Youth (including pamphlets like, “I think I might be a lesbian”):

Press Conference Sunday, Dec 14 2008 

The Alan Keyes Legal Team will hold a press conference tomorrow Mon. 12-15-08 12:30 PM at the CA State Capitol in Sacramento, CA. Please help spread. Attendence is needed for media coverage. Official Info is as follows:

Location: CA State Capitol – Corner of “L” and 11th Streets, Sacramento, CA 12:30 PM

1. Attend
2. Bring signs with out sticks.
3. Bring your birth certificate and show it to the media.

Official Press Release Follows:

RE: AIP/Electoral College Capitol Press Conference set for Monday

For Immediate Release – Event Notice – Press Conference

Time: Mon 12-15-08, 12:30 PM
Place: California State Capitol, Sacramento California at the Corner of “L” and 11th Streets

Topic: Unlawful Occupation of Presidency and Invalid Electoral College Process

Conference Contact: Tony Andrade, 916-230-2123;
Media Contact: Markham Robinson, State Chairman, American Independent Party; Party HQ 707-359-4884 Home: 707-448-7062; Office: 707-451-8985; Temp Cell: 707-761-3009; Fax: 707-222-6040

Questions from Press following statement.

Questions from Press following statement.

The American Independent Party insists that Barack Obama prove that he is a “Natural born” American citizen. There is no personal testimony that Obama was born in Hawaii as there is that he was born in Mombasa District, now part of Kenya. The burden of proof is on Obama.

Hawaii’s unique laws allow for birth certificates to indicate foreign birth. Is that what his indicates? We have not seen it. Instead of spending tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars resisting its production and even defying a court order to do so, why not spend the $12 to produce a copy for us all to examine? Is the answer, just possibly, that Barack Obama is afraid of what it would reveal?

Similar doubts concerning possible Indonesian citizenship exist. These, too, urgently need to be resolved.

What is about to occur in the State Capitol is fatally flawed in three ways:

1. The likely result is that a man whose qualifications to assume the office of the President are quite dubious will receive our California Electoral College vote because of a judicial disinclination to give the People their right to be heard.

2. Electors apparently not individually nominated by Democratic Congressional Candidates as required by the California Election code will vote in the Electoral College.

3. Electors will be constrained to vote as a block rather than individually as is their right and duty according to procedures set down in the Constitution and will thereby deprive California of a legitimate voice in the Electoral College.

On all these grounds and more, I fear greatly for our People. Unlawful occupation of the Office of the President means no new valid legislation. No valid nominations, including to the Supreme Court. No valid Executive Orders. No lawful commands as Commander in Chief.

Such a situation paralyzes legitimate government. The longer the imposture is maintained, the worse it becomes. Reliance upon eventually voided legislation is extremely perilous. Reliance upon the actions of appointees unlawfully occupying offices will prove equally disastrous. But worse is the debilitating distrust of our democratic processes that will ensue. Our democratic system depends upon trust. As Obama swears to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, if he thereby takes office unlawfully, he is actually attacking it. This puts our entire Constitutional order in peril and may destroy the Republic.

Law Office of Gary G Kreep, Esq., Representing Alan Keyes, Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson
932 D St. Suite 2, Ramona CA 92065
Office: 760-787-9907; Cell: 760-803-4029

Election Promises or The Real Deal: Sarah Palin Wednesday, Dec 10 2008 

Governor Palin announced her health priorities for Alaska and is continuing to work on them…seems her focus on special needs children was not a campaign stunt after all. (Note the sarcasm: I never believed it was a campaign stunt unlike my colleagues)  Her ability to work with foreign companies and knowledge of energy is evidenced by her most recent funding of a natural gas pipeline.  Governor Palin remains popular to the media’s extreme frustration and confusion.  The people overwhelmingly believe that John McCain made the RIGHT CHOICE in Sarah Palin.

America has let the media pundits spin the truth for far too long.  Has anyone actually asked Sarah Palin why she went to multiple schools before finishing her degree?  Maybe she simply wanted the *best* education for her major and kept switching because she was dissatisfied with the lack of difficulty.  At least she finished her degree, which is more than I can say for millions of Americans.  Of all Americans who enter college, only about 53% graduated (2000 statistics from The Educational Trust).

In many cases, experience trumps education.  Governor Palin makes decisions everyday that affect millions of Alaskans.  Her real world experience far outweighs her lack of a Harvard degree.  In fact, her lack of a Harvard degree makes it easier to relate to her as wanting to serve the people rather than just seeking power.

Caroline Kennedy has power and name recognition and a Harvard degree, but minimal experience as an elected official.  Thus, there are many more qualified women available to fill a high level New York Senate position.    Once she gains some of that experience, maybe I would consider voting for her–but I would never vote for someone just because I recognized his/her name.

Lest we be distracted by Blagogate…. Tuesday, Dec 9 2008 

You know they only arrested the Governor to get us to forget about “Gropergate” (coined by Murphy).  *wink*  No, seriously, we can multi-task.  Keep up the pressure to fire Jon Favreau:

Email Valerie Jarrett Co-Chair Transition
Call Transition Headquarters:
202-540-3000 press option # 2 for a live person
Email Media:;;;;;;;;; ; ;;;;

Also, give the Chicago Tribune a little love as they were so nice as to print We the People’s birth certificate advertisement.  Blagojevich info:

Ok, I’m not surprised that the Illinois Governor was involved in corrupt bribery.  What I am surprised at is that he is being arrested for it.  Will Fitzgerald be able to get Nobama as well before the Electoral College vote?

Urgent: Contact Entire Electoral College via World Net Daily Tuesday, Dec 9 2008 

From your friendly Natural Born Citizen PUMA team:


WND was able to track down addresses for all 538 electors. With the new “FedEx the Electoral College” program, you can reach all of them with a one-page pre-written letter, with your name and address attached, delivered overnight for less than it would cost you to FedEx one member – if you had the address. The cost to readers is being maintained at the initial level, even through letters now will go to 538 individuals, not 470.

The name and address of every participant in the “FedEx the Electoral College” campaign will be displayed for the 538 Electoral College members who receive the letters.

This is a historic opportunity to speak directly to the Electoral College at a critical time in American history.

Sign me up! I want to send my FedEx message to the Electoral College right now for only $10.95. If you prefer ordering by phone, call our toll-free order line: 1-800-4-WND-COM (1-800-496-3266) between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern.

2)  Sign the Petition for Public Release of the Birth Certificate–NO PHOTOSHOPPED FORGERIES:

Why Jon Favreau Needs to be Fired–and what happened to NOW? Monday, Dec 8 2008 

The National Organization for Women has been seriously derelict in their obligation to speak out against the sexism and harrassment toward a cardboard cutout of a former First Lady, Senator, and future Secretary of State.  Bad enough that the picture was taken–the picture was flaunted on Jon’s Facebook page as though he were PROUD of groping a cardboard cutout of Senator Clinton.

The New York Times quotes NOW as stating:

When NOW’s press secretary Mai Shiozaki was reached Friday, she first claimed not to have seen the Favreau photograph. But when called later, she offered two reasons for not weighing in: ‘I haven’t looked into it’ and ‘I have a 5 p.m. deadline. … I am already late.’ ”

NOW’s treatment of Sarah Palin was atrocious, but at least could be fathomed, as Sarah is a member of the opposing political party.  Hillary Clinton is a Democrat–there IS NO EXCUSE.

The New Agenda, a new non-partisan feminist group, did stand up for Senator Clinton:

 “These antics ought to be summarily condemned by President-elect Obama. He ought to fire Jon Favreau. If he does not fire Favreau, he risks fostering the perception that he condones Favreau’s disrespect toward Senator Clinton. He also risks encouraging this sort of behavior in other young men toward women who are not merely cardboard cutouts.”

Andrew Breitbart weighs in from RealClearPolitics:

At the exact moment Jon Favreau is receiving high praise in pre-inaugural media puff pieces, the 27-year-old chief speechwriter for President-elect Barack Obama (not Jon Favreau, the Hollywood actor/ director) finds himself in a minor mess over a photo from a recent private party showing him groping the breast of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Rodham Clinton as an unnamed pal wearing an “Obama staff” T-shirt kisses and feeds her beer.

If you haven’t seen it, imagine the early stages of the barroom rape scene of “The Accused” with Jodie Foster. Or think prosecutor Mike Nifong’s graphic (though false) descriptions of the Duke lacrosse party. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson danced to a similar tune at the 2004 Super Bowl.

Fraternities have been closed for less.

If Senator Obama truly wishes to “put the primary campaign behind him” and “support women’s issues” as he espoused during the campaign, he would not only fire Jon Favreau, but also issue a joint statement with Senator Clinton denouncing the scene as sexual harrassment in the workplace.  Why a joint statement?  Between the two of them throughout the primary, Senator Obama and Senator Clinton reached millions of Americans; a joint statement would reach his supporters as well as hers and would also reassure her supporters that Senator Obama cares about the working environment of his female employees.

1) Contact NOW and inform them you want Jon Favreau fired and for them to issue a statement.

Contact the NOW Action Center

National Organization for Women
1100 H Street NW, 3rd floor
Washington, D.C. 20005

Phone: (202) 628-8669 (628-8NOW)

Fax: (202) 785-8576

TTY: (202) 331-9002

2)  Contact Valerie Jarrett from Obama’s transition team and demand that Jon Favreau be fired:

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