Before I comment on today’s Natural Born Citizen news (which did not in any way settle the matter), I want to go on a rant about an extreme dearth of PUMA friendly talk radio.  I’m not talking about internet talk radio; I’m talking the kind you can turn on while you are driving to and from work.  Normally, I could handle listening to Hannity, Glen Beck, and Mark Levin, especially when they started on their rants about Nobama.  However, ever since FOX told them to lay off the ONE, they’ve started cursing out liberals AGAIN.  They seem to forget that 1) Not all liberals voted for the ONE and 2) If they would have said ANYTHING positive about McCain instead of calling him a leftist and Democrat  in disguise, we might not be stuck with hoping against hope that the Supreme Court does the right thing and protects our Constitution and our Country.  Yet, what are my alternatives?  CNN talk radio and it’s worship of the ONE.  Not a pleasant alternative.

Reasons not to listen to FOX radio:

1) Seriously homophobic

2) Blames liberals for EVERYTHING

3) “Christian” values are the only values ever expressed

4) Teacher bashing

Reasons not to listen to CNN radio:

1)  Seriously sexist

2) Worship of the ONE to the point they don’t cover REAL news

3) Blatant dislike of Hillary Clinton (who was responsible for the tabling of the Federal Marriage Amendment)

4) Overwhelming bias

When will I have the choice of listening to a PUMA radio station?  Will I have to find CDs to listen to for the rest of my life?