I’d love to say I coined the term “stimulus flu”, but I must give credit where credit is due: a local morning radio show in Pennsylvania.  Apparently, some pork farmers object to the name “swine flu” because people might get the mistaken impression that it is carried through pork, and calling it the “Mexican Flu” is even worse.  Thus, since many people associate the stimulus package with pork, a more PC term would be to rename it the “stimulus flu”.

Now, I’ve been wondering what exactly our fearless leader, the Obamessiah, plans to do about the stimulus flu.  Besides play golf of course.  He’s given some pretty speeches–from the teleprompter of course.  He’s even shutting down some schools–what was that about our math and science scores being below other countries–yeah, that’s what I thought.

Today, we marked the 100 day anniversary of the biggest debacle in recent election history.  Whoever heard of a “100 day” anniversary anyway?  That sounds like something your girlfriend would artificially create just to make you feel bad that you “forgot” the anniversary.  But, from all accounts, the upcoming Pennsylvania senatorial election is going to be an even bigger nightmare.

The only good thing about the fact that Arlen Specter running as a Democrat is that it means that Chris Matthews won’t be. 😉  Specter does have a pro-choice, pro-gay record that doesn’t sit well with the GOP, and well, the horrible way he was treated by Republican talk show hosts just because he happened to vote with the Democrats on a couple of bills didn’t sit well with me.  So, I can understand why he felt abandoned by the GOP.  The downside is that instead of having a battle between a liberal Democrat and a moderate Republican, we’ll now have a battle between an ultra-conservative Republican and a moderate almost-Democrat.